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Want to sponsor a Friends of Phoenix animal?

Email us at:  friendsofphoenix@excite.com


Ariel, Amethyst, Zippy, Brady & Rusty

(Dog bed? I don't think so)



(I had nothing to do with it)


Emma & Brady

(Pit Bulls do make the best pillows)



(If you go away now, I won't slobber on you)


Daisy, Aster & their babies

('Cuz they eat like, well....pigs)


Rusty & his bunny

(Breathe a word of this & you're dead meat)


Emma & Sissy

(For the love of God, please don't hiccup)


Brady & Zippy

(Tell me about when you lived at the bad place, Uncle Brady)





Lots more critters to choose from!!





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Friends of Phoenix, Inc

a not for profit 501(c)(3) shelter

PO Box 88 Shirley, IN 47384 w (765) 738-7380


Our existence depends upon your generosity. 

Thank You!